Racial Disparities in Diabetic Complications in an Underinsured Population

Jcem.endojournals.org: 9/13/12

It is unclear whether there is a racial difference in the incidence of diabetic complications in underinsured populations.

Objective: The objective of the study was to investigate racial disparities in the incidence of diabetic complications within the Louisiana State University (LSU) Hospital System.

Design and Participants: This study (1997–2009) was conducted on a diabetic cohort enrolled in the LSU Hospital-Based Longitudinal Study. The cohort included 16,808 non-Hispanic white men, 21,983 non-Hispanic white women, 20,621 African-American men, and 33,753 African-American women who were 30–96 yr of age and had a mean value of family income of $9641/yr at baseline. Read more