Regional Primary Care Team to Deliver Best-Practice Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care – February 7, 2013

A needs-driven health workforce model reflecting a biopsychosocial construct of health

OBJECTIVE Best-practice diabetes care can reduce the burden of diabetes and associated health care costs. But this requires access to a multidisciplinary team with the right skill mix. We applied a needs-driven evidence-based health workforce model to describe the primary care team required to support best-practice diabetes care, paying particular attention to diverse clinic populations.

RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Care protocols, by number and duration of consultations, were derived for twenty distinct competencies based on clinical practice guidelines and structured input from a multidisciplinary clinical panel. This was combined with a previously estimated population profile of persons across 26 patient attributes (i.e., type of diabetes, complications, and threats to self-care) to estimate clinician contact hours by competency required to deliver best-practice care in the study region. Read more