Sanofi’s Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge Launched

A Sweet – February 23, 2012

Sanofi US has launched its Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge and is accepting entries. The Innovation Challenge is aligned with the United States government’s initiative to use an open dialogue to drive action toward a three-part aim: innovation in the quality, delivery and cost of diabetes care. The kickoff earlier this year crowd-sourced answers to the question, “What matters most to you?” as it relates to diabetes, and prizes include more than $200,000 in awards, industry-leading mentorship and real-world community response. Innovators are encouraged to submit concepts to through March 23, 2012.


2012 Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge parameters include:

Improve the outcomes and/or experience of caregivers, family/friends, healthcare providers and/or people living with diabetes in the US.

Advance the quality, effectiveness and delivery of diabetes care in the US.

Enable people within the diabetes ecosystem to feel in control.

Reduce the cost of care without compromising the quality and delivery of care.

Create a concept that scales and can be accelerated and distributed with ease.

Reflect human-centered design.

Demonstrate the ability to develop the concept into an illustrative prototype in one month. Read more