Seniors Cautioned To Pay Close Attention To Details As Enrollment Begins In Medicare Plans

Kaiser Family Foundation: OCT 15, 2013


The seven-week enrollment period for next year’s Medicare prescription drug and managed-care plans begins Tuesday, but seniors shouldn’t simply renew their policies and assume the current coverage will stay the same.  There’s a likely payoff for those who pay close attention to the details.

Among the top ten most popular drug policies, monthly premiums for 2014 are changing dramatically — up 55 percent for one AARP UnitedHealth plan and down 38 percent for another from Wellcare, according to a recent study by Avalere Health, a Washington, D.C., health research firm.

In addition, the second-most popular plan, SilverScript Basic, is now off  limits to new members until Medicare officials are satisfied that the plan’s nearly 2.9  million beneficiaries can fill prescriptions without encountering problems. The company will not be able to resolve these issues before the end of this enrollment season, spokeswoman Christine Cramer, said in an e-mail. (Current members are allowed to stay if they wish.) Read More