Socioeconomic Status and Mortality

The Contribution of Health Care Access and Psychological Distress Among United States Adults With Diagnosed Diabetes 8/28/12

Although several studies have examined the association between socioeconomic status (SES) and mortality in the general population, few have investigated this relationship among people with diabetes. This study sought to determine how risk of mortality associated with measures of SES among adults with diagnosed diabetes is mitigated by association with demographics, comorbidities, diabetes treatment, psychological distress, or health care access and utilization.

RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS The study included 6,177 adults aged 25 years or older with diagnosed diabetes, who participated in the National Health Interview Surveys (1997–2003) linked to mortality data (follow-up through 2006). SES was measured by education attained, financial wealth (either stocks/dividends or home ownership), and income-to-poverty ratio. Read More