Special Colloquium Presentations

Minority-Serving Hospitals as Clinical Trial Sites: The Opportunities and Challenges


National Strategies to Improve Recruitment of Minority Investigators and Minority-Serving Hospitals

  • Jonca Bull, MD: “Strategies to Improve Recruitment of Minority Investigators” (781KB PDF)
  • Edith Mitchell, MD: “Navigating the Complex World of Cancer Diagnosis and Care: Minimizing Disparities” (506KB PDF)

An Overview of the Clinical Trial Engagement Network

  • Gary Puckrein, PhD, and Salvatore Alesci, MD, PhD (1.30MB PDF)

Industry Perspective: Recruiting Minority Investigators and Minority-Serving Institutions

  • Allicia Girvan, PhD: “Methods in Clinical Research Workshop for Minority Physicians” (289KB PDF)
  • Rose Blackburne, MD, MBA: “Successes and Challenges of Recruiting Minority Subjects into Clinical Trials” (297KB PDF)