Statistics from ISRCTN Register 7/27/12

  • All the information is as of June 2012.
  • Figures given below represent the number of trials added to the ISRCTN Register or per year or per month, not the number of trials started or taking place at any particular moment in time.
  • Study domains represented in ISRCTN register: the ISRCTN disease classification is loosely based on the WHO ICD10 chapters and intends to give a broad indication of which study domains trials belong to.
  • UK related trials included in UK Clinical Trials Gateway (UKCTG): the UKCTG brings together trials that are recruiting or have recruited participants from the UK, using 2 sources: ISRCTN.organd
  • Top countries registering trials with ISRCTN IDs: country is defined as the country where the sponsor of the trial is based. The sponsor is defined as the organisation taking legal responsibility for the trial. Read more