Stroke disability and rehabilitation of stroke: World Health Organization perspective

Journal of Stroke:  DEC 24, 2012

Stroke is a leading cause of acquired disability in adults. If secular trends continue it is estimated that there will be 23 million first ever strokes and 7·8 million stroke deaths in 2030 [1]. In 2008, out of 57 million global deaths, 17 million were due to cardiovascular diseases [2]. Stroke accounted for about one third of cardiovascular deaths (5·7 million deaths) and 46·6 million Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) [3]. Burden of disease measured as DALYs is a composite measure of both morbidity and mortality of stroke and a good indirect indicator of the economic and social burden caused by stroke. With regard to the incidence, there has been a decline in high-income countries and a greater than 100% increase in stroke incidence in Low-and middle-income countries (LMIC) over the last four decades. Currently, the overall stroke incidence rates in LMIC exceed the level of stroke incidence seen in high-income countries, by about 20% [4]. Countries in Eastern Europe, North Asia, Central Africa, and the South Pacific have the highest stroke mortality and stroke burden [5]. Read More