Texas Schools Keeping Drinks High in Sugar Out of Reach

kveo.com: Wednesday, May 2, 2012 – 16:16.

MCALLEN — The Texas Public School Nutrition Policy is keeping the drinks high in sugar out of Texas Schools.

“It was implemented as a phase in, a 4-year phase in, so it became official in 2010,” siad Yvonne Salinas, Dietitian for the Mcallen Independent School District.

The policy prevents problems associated with childhood obesity and promotes healthy eating.

Hoping that as the children progress to middle schools and the high schools, they’ve already developed good, healthy eating habits and will make better choices when they get into the higher grades,” said Salinas.

Salinas is talking about students like 6th grader, Adrian Garza who has learned early on to make healthier choices.

“People, they get diabetes or they get obesity mostly because of beverages. It’s not really because of snacks like most people think.”

Adrian’s science fair project on high sugar products took him all the way to state.

“Why do kids have diabetes, or why do kids become obese nowadays, I always wondered,” said Garza.

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