The Globalization of Pediatric Clinical Trials

Pediatrics: November 5, 2012

To examine the characteristics of pediatric trials conducted under US legislation and to compare results with data from 2002 to 2007.

METHODS: We reviewed all pediatric trials provided to the US Food and Drug Administration in submissions that were approved between September 28, 2007 and December 21, 2010. We extracted data for each trial including age range, therapeutic indication, design, duration, and patient and center enrollment by location.

RESULTS: Overall 346 studies on 113 drugs and biologicals enrolled 55 819 pediatric patients. The United States participated in 86% of the studies, providing 71% of the centers and 74% of the patients. Corresponding percentages for non-US countries were 43%, 29%, and 26% respectively. Developing or transition countries participated in 22% of the studies, providing 12% of the centers and 10% of the patients; our earlier analysis found corresponding percentages of 38%, 12%, and 23%. Read more