Timing and Duration of Obesity in Relation to Diabetes

Findings from an ethnically diverse, nationally representative sample

ADA: December 5, 2012

OBJECTIVE The influence on diabetes of the timing and duration of obesity across the high-risk period of adolescence to young adulthood has not been investigated in a population-based, ethnically diverse sample.

RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A cohort of 10,481 individuals aged 12–21 years enrolled in the U.S. National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (1996) was followed over two visits during young adulthood (18–27 years, 2001–2002; 24–33 years, 2007–2009). Separate logistic regression models were used to examine the associations of diabetes (A1C ≥6.5% or diagnosis by a health care provider) in young adulthood with 1) obesity timing (never obese, onset <16 years, onset 16 to <18 years, onset ≥18 years) and 2) obesity duration over time (never obese, incident obesity, fluctuating obesity, and persistent obesity), testing differences by sex and race/ethnicity. Read  more