Toward a Stroke-Free Childhood in Sickle Cell Disease

AHA Stroke: September 5, 2013


Stroke in childhood is not common outside of congenital heart disease and a few other conditions including sickle cell disease (SCD). The background rates reported have been between 2.3 and 2.7 per 100 000 per year.1–3 Adults, on the contrary, have a background rate of ≈800 per 100 000.4 There are some special conditions that increase the risk including congenital heart disease, trauma, infections (basilar meningitis), cancer, and SCD.5

Stroke rates in SCD were estimated to be high at 500 to 1000 per 100 000.6 The Baltimore Washington Cooperative Young Stroke Study reported data from 1988 to 1991 at rate of 285 per 100 000 children for SCD.7 For children with SCD, this is a long way for a stroke-free childhood. Read more