Treatment quality indicators predict short-term outcomes in patients with diabetes: a prospective cohort study using the GIANTT database

BMJ Quality Safety: February 5, 2013

Objective To assess whether quality indicators for treatment of cardiovascular and renal risk factors are associated with short-term outcomes in patients with diabetes.

Design A prospective cohort study using linear regression adjusting for confounders.

Setting The GIANTT database (Groningen Initiative to Analyse Type 2 Diabetes Treatment) containing data from primary care medical records from The Netherlands.

Participants 15 453 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus diagnosed before 1 January 2008. Mean age 66.5 years, 47.5% men.

Exposure Quality indicators assessing current treatment (CT) status or treatment intensification (TI) for patients with diabetes with elevated cardiovascular or renal risk factors. Read more