Understanding and retention of trial-related information among participants in a clinical trial after completing the informed consent process

Clin Trials: December 2, 2013

Background Methods for assessing the level of understanding of trial-related information during the informed consent (IC) process in developing countries are lacking.

Purpose To assess the understanding and retention of trial-related information presented in the IC process by administering an informed consent assessment instrument (ICAI) to participants in a clinical trial for a new tuberculosis (TB) regimen being conducted in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Methods The format of the ICAI was based on the language and structure of the United States National Cancer Institute’s IC comprehension checklist. The ICAI was designed to assess points of the RioMAR study IC process that addressed the principles of research ethics requested by Brazilian Regulatory Authority: autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice. Briefly, (1) Is the respondent participating in a clinical trial? (2) Are two different treatments being evaluated? (3) Is the treatment arm chosen by chance? Read more