Using Data to Advance Health Equity for Men of Color 6/30/2014

During Men’s Health Month, as we raise awareness of the important steps that men can take to improve their health, we are also raising the dialogue on new efforts to ensure that all men achieve better health outcomes, including minority men.

The health status of racial and ethnic minority men has lagged far too long behind the general population, despite our nation’s vast advances in science, public health and health care. Reducing health disparities and achieving health equity so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential for health is a priority of the Administration. An important factor in making progress toward this priority is our ability to understand why disparities occur and how to eliminate them.

A new data brief by the Office of Minority Health, examining the characteristics of uninsured adult males by race and ethnicity, is a useful tool to inform federal, state and community efforts aimed at improving insurance coverage of targeted populations. This type of data will enhance our ability to better measure and track health differences of racial and ethnic minority populations in the future. Read More