Would you want to know if you’re likely to get Alzheimer’s disease?

Washington Post: 6/19/14

Last month, I wrote about the problems that pharmaceutical companies and other researchers have recruiting sufficient numbers of volunteers for clinical trials of medications that may prove valuable against a wide variety of disorders. Here is one example of how that may affect people who might benefit from that research.  — Lenny Bernstein.

`A large and potentially groundbreaking drug trial holds the promise of a new way to treat Alzheimer’s disease, but the test will require thousands of healthy volunteers who may be especially difficult to recruit, in part because of a simple fact about the widely feared illness: Those who have, or are likely to get, Alzheimer’s disease may not want to know it.

The Anti-Amyloid Treatment in Asymptomatic Alzheimer’s, or A4 Study, is the first to try to prevent memory loss by identifying and treating people whose brains show the earliest changes related to the disease, years before they begin to lose cognitive function. Read More