White House Tribal Nations Conference

HHS.gov: December 5, 2012. Washington, DC

Good Morning.  The Department of Health and Human Services is proud to be partners with you in working to open new doors of opportunity across Indian Country.

During a recent visit to Tribal communities in South Dakota, I saw some great examples of our work together.

At Sinte Gleska University on the Rosebud Sioux Indian reservation, I met young people served by a unique children’s mental health program that blends Western and traditional Lakota cultural approaches to healing.

I met students at the Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation where the Administration is supporting a Lakota Language Program which teaches the Lakota traditions through a rich K-12 curriculum.

And I met community members who had begun to eat healthier and increase their physical activity with support from the Special Diabetes Program for Indians.

There are rich partnerships like these all across Indian Country. And they are giving more First Americans reason to feel hope for the future instead of despair.

To be sure, we face incredibly persistent challenges today: high unemployment, energy costs, suicide, chronic disease and federal resources stretched thin. Read More