Whole Genome Expression Differences in Human Left and Right Atria Ascertained by RNA-Sequencing

Circgenetics.ahajournals.org: Aril 3, 2012.

Background—The left and right atria have different susceptibilities towards developing arrhythmias, with left atrial arrhythmias more commonly observed. To understand the molecular basis for such differences, we catalogued miRNA and mRNA expression differences by next generation sequencing.

Methods and Results—Four human left-right atrial pairs were subjected to whole-genome expression analyses via next generation sequencing of small RNAs, including microRNAs (miRNAs), and poly A enriched mRNAs. Using a paired sample design, significant differences in the expression of 32 miRNAs were found in between the left and right atria at a p-value of <0.01. Hsa-miR-143 was the most highly expressed miRNA in the atria, as quantified by RNA-seq. There were 746 and 2292 differentially expressed mRNAs between the left and right atria at false discovery rates of <0.001 and <0.05, respectively.  Read More