Altovise T. Ewing, PhD, LCGC

Altovise T. Ewing, PhD, LCGC


Vivian Jolley Bea, MD, MBS

Altovise Ewing earned a Ph.D. in Genetics and Human Genetics with a specialization in Genetic Counseling from Howard University in 2011. As a clinician-scientist, Dr. Ewing dedicates her professional career to ensuring that emerging genetic and genomic services and resources do not further exacerbate racial and ethnic health disparities.

During Dr. Ewing's research training, she spent time at the National Institutes of Health in the National Human Genome Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute. She also had the privilege of providing genetic counseling services to patients at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Dr. Ewing completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. Her scholarship focused on inclusion of diverse populations in cancer genetics research and development of ethically sound strategies to address genetic and genomic health inequities. 

Dr. Ewing joined 23andMe as the company’s first Medical Science Liaison-Genetic Counselor in April 2018. She works on the Medical Affairs team as an external-facing clinical domain expert and foundational member of the Clinical Development Division.

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