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A unique aspect of the National Minority Quality Forum’s overall efforts to improve self-care, prevention, treatment, management, and monitoring has been the use of the Forum database to map health data in the United States. Forum indexes and atlases map disease incidence and prevalence, using zip-code-level data. These Web-based resources enable users to view and compare information graphically—nationwide, by state, by congressional district, and by state legislative district. The indexes and atlases provide focus and perspective for educational, advocacy, and public-affairs initiatives.The indexes and atlases are available to advocacy groups, policy makers, and sponsoring organizations through a password-protected link from the Forum website. They are updated periodically as new data become available.




The indexes and atlases and the maps produced by the National Minority Quality Forum database are available for use by advocacy groups and similar nonprofit organizations and by policy makers (government employees; members of local and national judicial, executive, and legislative branches; and their aides).

The Forum allows use of the indexes and atlases through maintenance of password-protected links from its websites and restriction of access to authorized users only.

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