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2014 NMQF Leadership Summit on Health Disparities and Spring Health Braintrust

  • Ritz Carlton Hotel Washington D.C. 1150 22nd Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20037 United States (map)

The 2014 NMQF Summit on Health Disparities and Spring Health Braintrust

Health Equity Now!: The Progress That’s Been Made and The Work That Remains 

2014 NMQF Leadership Summit Flyer

Event Details

April 28–29, 2014

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Washington, DC


1150 22nd Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037

Summit Agenda

Leadership Awards Reception and Dinner Program

Booker T. Washington Luncheon



Summit Content

Day 1: April 28

Welcome & Opening Session (View Video)

Congresswoman Donna Christensen

Icilma Fergus, MD

Michael Lenoir, MD

Barbara McAneny, MD

Gary Puckrein, PhD

Elena Rios, MD

CME Session 1. Reducing Disparities in Cancer

Moderator: Christopher Ervin


  • Craig Emmitt Cole, MD: “Multiple Myeloma Awareness, Diagnosis, and Disparities” View Presentation

  • Diana E. Ramos, MD, MPH: “Reducing Disparities in Women’s Cancers” View Presentation

Joint Community/Policy Session 1: Undiagnosed Hepatitis C among Minorities: An Urgent Healthcare Response Is Required (View Video)

Moderator: Donna Cryer, JD


  • Theresa Hughes: “Break Silence: HCV Epidemic in Corrections and Underserved Communities” View Presentation

  • Charles D. Howell, MD: “Chronic Hepatitis C in African Americans: Challenges and Opportunities” View Presentation

CME Session 2. Identification, Treatment and Control of CVD Risk Factors in Minorities

Moderator: Dennis Cryer, MD


  • Michelle A. Albert, MD, MPH: “Refocusing Independent Research Funding and Training to Serve Multi-Ethnic Constituents” View Presentation

  • Icilma Fergus, MD, FACC: “Cardiovascular Disease in Women” View Presentation

Joint Community/Policy Session 2. Racial Disparities in Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes (View Video)

Moderator: Courtney Lang, JD


  • Michael F Flessner, MD, PhD: “Racial Disparities in CKD: Role of NIH in Fostering Innovative Research” View Presentation

  • Dana L. Mendenhall: “African-American Renal PD Health Disparities Opportunity Assessment Summary” View Presentation

  • Enrique Caballero, MD: “Diabetes in the Latino/Hispanic Population: The Case for Education and Outreach” View Presentation

CME Session 3. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Detection and Treatment of Depression, Anxiety and Schizophrenia

Moderator: Jorge Quel


  • Dionne Hart, MD: “Mental Health Disparities: The New Face of Psychiatric Treatment Facilities” View Presentation

  • William B. Lawson, MD, PhD, DLFAPA: “The Public Health Challenge: Mental Disorders, HIV, and Race” View Presentation

Joint Community/Policy Session 3. The Impact of Cardiovascular Disease Disparities on the US Healthcare System (View Video)

Moderator: Helene Clayton-Jeter


  • Ola Akinboboye, MD, MPH, MBA: “Update on Cholesterol Management: The 2013 ACC/AHA Guidelines” View Presentation

  • Michael H. Kim, MD: “Disparities in Atrial Fibrillation: Focus on Anticoagulation Related Cardiovascular Outcomes” View Presentation

  • Coltrane Stansbury: “Gateway to a Healthy Community: Healthier Kids” View Presentation: With Video or Without Video

Booker T. Washington Award Luncheon (View Video)

Juan Carlos Lopez Talavera, MD, PhD

Howard Koh, MD

Maulik Joshi, DrPH

Edward L. Martinez, MS

Salvo Alesci, MD, PhD: “The I’m In Campaign” View Presentation

Traci Ferguson, MD, MBA: “Medicare Stars Quality Measures: Adjusting for Disparities in Patient Populations”

CME Session 4. An Update on HIV in Minorities: Are We Making Progress?

Moderator: Owen Garrick, MD


  • Mary Marovich, MD, DTM&H, FACP: “Update on HIV and Minorities” View Presentation

  • Donna Hubbard McCree, PhD, MPH, RPh

Joint Community/Policy Session 4. The Role of Professional Medical Societies in Addressing Health Care Disparities (View Video)

Moderator: Christopher Holliday, PhD


  • Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD: “Coalition-Led Efforts to Improve Health Equity: Role of National Professional Medical Societies” View Presentation

  • Elena Rios, MD, MSPH: “Health Disparities, Workforce & ACA” View Presentation

  • Omar Hasan

CME Session 5. Challenges and Potential Solutions to Delivering Evidence-Based Care to Patients with Diabetes

Moderator: Kevin McKinney, MD


  • Jaime A. Davidson, MD, FACP, MACE: “ACE/AACE Treatment Algorithm” View Presentation

  • Robert A. Vigersky, MD: “The High Cost of Guideline-Driven Diabetes Management: Potential Solutions for Mitigation without Compromising Quality” View Presentation

Joint Community/Policy Session 5. The Status of Sickle Cell Disease and Other Blood Disorders in America (View Video)

Moderator: Bert Bruce


  • CAPT Althea M Grant, PhD: “Sickle Cell Disease in the US: An Overview of Public Health Burden and Opportunities to Improve Health Outcomes” View Presentation

  • Sonja L. Banks: “Role of Community/Patient Advocacy in the Success of New Therapies and Programs.… Working Together to Change Lives” View Presentation

  • Craig Emmitt Cole, MD: “The Blood Cancer Twice As Likely to Affect African Americans: Multiple Myeloma” View Presentation

Joint Community/Policy Session 6. National and Community-Based Efforts to Improve Disease Disparities (View Video)

Moderator: Lydia Pan, PhD


  • Stephanie J. Monroe, JD: “The Cancer Sized Burden of Alzheimer’s: Race and Sex Do Matter” View Presentation

  • Christopher Ervin

  • Salim Al-Nurridin and Louanner Peters: “National & Community Based Efforts to Improve Disease Disparities” View Presentation

Day 2: April 29

Welcome Remarks and Greetings (View Video)

Congresswoman Donna Christensen

Gary Puckrein

A. Shuanise Washington

Special Morning Presentation

Arthur R. James, MD FACOG: “Health Equity Now!: The Progress That’s Been Made and the Work That Remains” View Presentation (View Video)

Session I. Lock Up or Lock Down?: Why and How We Can and Should Improve Mental Health Care in America (View Video)

Karen Francis

Katherine Marshall Woods, PsyD: “Accessing Mental Healthcare” View Presentation

Gloria Wilder

Kai Wilder

Session II. The Forgotten Americans: How the ACA Treats the Individuals in the U.S. Territories (View Video)

Congresswoman Donna Christensen: “The Affordable Care Act in the U.S. Virgin Islands: What We Have and How We Got It!” View Presentation

Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo

Congressman Pedro Pierluisi

Congressman Eni F. H. Faleomavaega

Congressman Gregio Kilili Camacho Sablan

Senator Clarence Payne

Session III. What the ACA Will Mean To Jail and Prison Health and the Health and Wellness of Ex-Offenders (View Video)

Maeghan Gilmore

Asher Turney

Kenneth Williams

Noel Manyindo

The CBC Health Braintrust Luncheon Presentation and the 2014 CBC Health Braintrust Leadership Awards Ceremony (View Video)

Raymond Jetson

Daniel E. Dawes, Esq: “Campaign for Advancing Health Equity” View Presentation

Brian Smedley, PhD: “The ACA and Health Inequities” View Presentation

Garth Graham

Session IV. Saving our African-American Health Providers (View Video)

Joia Crear-Perry

Reverend Deidre Walton

Alison Riddle-Fletcher

Deborah Frazier

Closing Remarks and Final Q&A Session (View Video)

Congresswoman Donna Christensen

2014 Leadership Awards Dinner (View Video: part I and part II)

Congresswoman Donna Christensen

Gary Puckrein, PhD

Barbara McAneny, MD

U.S. Senator Ben Cardin

William Chin, MD

John Ruffin, PhD

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