Janet Schuessler McUlsky, MBA

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Janet Schuessler McUlsky, MBA

Senior Director, Pfizer


Ms. McUlsky joined Pfizer Inc in November, 2001 and now serves as Senior Director in Alliance Development.  She is responsible for National Alliance Development relationships and strategies for the federal healthcare advocacy community, including organizations representing patients, consumers, seniors, women, nurses, veterans and many others.

Ms. McUlsky began her career as a Legislative Director for Representative Adam Benjamin (D-IN) for three (3) years, followed by two (2) years lobbying for the American Iron and Steel Institute.

She also worked for Bonner and Associates as Vice President of Operations, developing and supervising the implementation of successful grassroots lobbying strategies for numerous Fortune 100 corporations and other organizations, at the Federal, State and Local levels. Ms. McUlsky has spoken at numerous conferences on grassroots lobbying.

Ms. McUlsky, recruited by her client Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers Associates (PhRMA), served as the Vice President of Association Relations. During her five (5) year tenure, she was tasked with building and managing a successful advocacy program for the pharmaceutical industry, based on proactively establishing relationships among allies.

In 1998, Ms. McUlsky joined a start-up biotechnology company as their President/Chief Operating Officer, Merlin Biomedical & Pharmaceutical, Ltd. She was responsible for planning and executing development of marketing structure for this start up as well as identifying and recruiting distributors, designing marketing materials and determining international pricing structures. She also assisted the Board of Directors in developing and executing the corporate structure, including aspects from international regulatory approval to employee benefits.

Ms. McUlsky is a graduate of Colgate University (BA, 1978) and George Washington University (MBA, 1988)