Stacy Zulueta, PharmD. BCACP

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Stacy Zulueta, PharmD. BCACP

Senior Manager of Quality Improvement, Walmart


Stacy Zulueta is a Senior Manager of Quality Improvement who works with Walmart pharmacies to support clinical services initiatives with an emphasis on immunization program development, expansion, and implementation. Stacy has worked to develop initiatives with national immunization advocacy groups to improve population health through vaccination. She works with a cross-functional team on the vetting and creation of clinical guidance and education for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Stacy is passionate about advancing community pharmacy and pharmacist as clinicians within the healthcare profession.

Stacy received her PharmD from the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy in 2011. She began her career as a Pharmacy Technician and has worked in various roles such as: Staff Pharmacist, Pharmacy Manager, and Pharmacy Clinical Services Manager gaining experience in retail pharmacy operations, medication therapy management, and patient counseling. In 2017, Stacy became a Board-Certified Ambulatory Care pharmacist after working exclusively in community pharmacy.